Storm Sim

Storm Sim is the best way to relax and fall asleep to the sounds of a storm. The storms are always unique and never repeat. This is not just a couple of storms on repeat or a simple loop - this is the audio experience of a real thunderstorm in your pocket!

  • Rain, Thunder, Water, Animal, and Wind effects
  • Realistic and Dynamic - don't settle for simple loops or pre-recorded storms!
  • Beautiful Clock - choose your color and display options; in full-screen mode swipe to change brightness
  • AirPlay support - send audio to your home theater for life-like booming thunder
  • Background multitasking - keep playing your game or browsing the web as you fall asleep
  • Sleep timer - the storm gently fades away so it doesn't wake you up
  • Wake timer - select your favorite epic thunderstorm to help you wake up
  • In-App Store - add more sounds to your effects library, like trains, fog horns, or ocean sounds
  • Universal - buy it once and use it on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch

Buy Storm Sim in the App Store

Amazing Detail

Don't settle for pre-recorded storms or simple loops. Storm Sim dynamically generates a new storm, always unique, and it never repeats.

Beautiful Clock

The LED Clock glows in your chosen color. Use full-screen mode to hide distractions; swipe to change brightness. You can also set a sleep or wake timer.

Be In Control

For power users: completely customize your own storm to get just the right amount of thunder strikes or the perfect rain sound. Never be woken up by too much booming or an ill-timed bird call!

Add On

Add to your effects library with add-on packs, available in the Storm Sim in-app store.

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